Workplace Shooting Shines Light On Holiday Depression


One Jonesboro counselor says there's no better time than now for Employees of Delta Manufacturing to rally around each other in support after one of their coworkers shot himself wednesday.

"There can be circles of influence," said Executive Director at Better Life Counseling Center, Greg Brooks. "Some people might be affected, others may not even know anyone who was affected but they may feel the effects."

Brooks says although depression can strike at any time it can rear it's ugly head especially around this time of year.

"As the winter comes and the days get a little bit darker, for some people, having less sunlight can really affect them physically and that may feel like depression," said Brooks.

Add to that the stressors of money and family and that, Brooks says, could be a powder keg of emotion waiting to explode.

Some warning signs of depression are: weight loss or gain, social withdrawal, fatigue, anger or irritability.

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