Pemiscot County Authorities Investigating Road Rage Incident Involving Caruthersville Police Chief

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO - Detectives with the Pemiscot County Sheriff's Dept. are investigating an assault case that occured Tuesday evening.

PemCo dispatchers received a 911 call about an assault on Caruthersville Police Chief Chris Riggs at 6:18 p.m.  Riggs later told deputies that he had turned west onto Route U, from Route D while traveling to his parent's home for a family gathering.  After turning onto Route U, he noticed a tractor-trailer rig approaching from behind with "bright lights flashing on and off."  Riggs had reportedly stopped in the west-bound lane, waiting for an east-bound vehicle to clear the driveway that he was waiting to pull into.  Riggs told deputies the approaching truck stopped behind Riggs' vehicle, and the driver got out and approached the Riggs vehicle.  Riggs then reportedly exited his vehicle and met the driver near the front of his truck.  Words were apparently exchanged between the two, and Riggs described the truck driver as having "road rage."  Riggs claims he was then struck by the trucker with a fist to the jaw.  According to Riggs, he then "identified himself as a police officer and started to his truck to call for help, at this time his brother, who had observed the situation from the front porch of their father's home, went to assist Riggs, at which time a fight endued between the three."

Arriving deputies then broke up the fight, and arrested the truck driver, identified as 48-year-old Donnie Lee Porter of Columbus, Ohio on 3rd degree assault charges.  Porter was treated at the scene for injuries he had sustained in the fight, and then taken to the Pemiscot County jail.  While being booked, Porter reportedly became dizzy and was taken to a Hayti hospital for treatment before being airlifted to the Elvis Presley Trauma Center in Memphis.

The incident remains under investigation.