Offbeat: Duck Dog

LAWRENCE CO., AR (KAIT)-- Her name is Bell, like the beauty in the classic story and this is her second duck season with Scott Brady, but unlike the tale as old as time, this Bell is both beauty and beast.

"It saves you a lot of steps," said Greg Brady of Woody's Guided Hunts.  "The main importance of a dog is they can get a lot of ducks a man can't get.  They can run em down and they can scent and smell em, they're just able to retrieve ducks that people can't walk and get."

When the group drops several birds or wounded birds, that's when Scott hit's the whistle. "It's just being able to get the dog to stop on a whistle, to get the dog's attention. And if it's not spotted the bird, you give it the signal on which way to go," said Brady.  "You don't want em to brake, you want them to sit there until you give them the command to go and Bell happens to be pretty good at it."

But for most hunters it's not just about saving them ducks and steps, it's about the love of the dog. "You bet, you bet, it's a great part of it," said Brady.  "There's a lot of enjoyment of the dog retrieving as much as shooting the ducks.  I just look forward to several years of me and her out here having a good time."

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