Pryor Bill Would Set FEMA Deadline for Action on Trailers

HOPE, AR - Legislation introduced in Congress today would require that FEMA do something with thousands of mobile homes parked around the country unused.  The trailers were purchased for victims of Hurricane Katrina and other disasters, but thousands haven't been used and are now unusable.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is storing 75,000 units around the country, including 12,000 mobile homes and 63,000 travel trailers.  Hope in southwest Arkansas is a major site with more than 7,500 mobile homes and thousands of trailers.

According to Pryor's office, the senator's bill would give FEMA three months to decide the number of housing units it needs on hand to shelter future disaster victims and six months to come up with a plan for permanently storing the units it wants to keep.

FEMA spokesman James McIntyre said today the agency was ordered by Congress to stop selling or donating the property after discovering problems with formaldehyde in the housing units.

McIntyre said the agency also is working at getting its inventory of mobile homes down to the estimates needed for any future emergencies.

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