Official Retirement Ceremony For Indians In The Works

Jonesboro, AR -- "Last night was probably one of many events that will occur with regards to this," said Richard Carvell.

Carvell is the chair of the Retirement Ceremony Committee for Arkansas State.

While Thursday's night's halftime show honored the Indian family, it was certainly not their final farewell.

An official retirement ceremony for the Indian family is in the works, so too is a retirement ceremony committee that will provide recommendations for an official retirement ceremony.

"The chancellor asked me to head up this committee and wants to include students, alums, faculty, staff and folks from the athletic department obviously," said Carvell.

Carvell goes on to say the committee may consist of cheerleaders, former mascots, even people who have worked with the mascots.

He says they will also see how other schools retired their Indian mascots.

"If we can put all of this stuff together and find something unique for our campus than that's what we want to do," said Carvell.

The Indian mascot is a 76 year tradition rooted deep within ASU students, alumni and fans.

While the Indian mascot may be leaving, the memories are etched in Arkansas State history.