Vergie's Place Answers Needs Of Those In Need

Kennett, MO- Hundreds of people stood in line for hours Saturday morning to get their hands on clothes, appliances and toys at the Abiding Peace Family Life Center in Kennett.

The area's been hit hard in the last ten years by industries picking up and moving out of town, leaving hundreds in this small town jobless.

"I didn't know there was this big of a need in Kennett until I came here today and saw this," said volunteer and Kennett firefighter, Henry Gaddis.

Kennett native Louise Dunn says her employer, Affiliated Computer Services, has been hit hard ... with many jobs going overseas.

"There's no jobs here for the people who want to stay here in Kennett," said Dunn. "They don't want to have to move off to a big city."

Organizer Beverly Alford says her mission for today is to help those in need by collecting used goods to give to those less fortunate.

She says people in the community have jumped at the chance to help.

"I was surprised how much people would give me when I told them there was no price on this," said Alford.

Priceless is how some people describe the feeling they get, knowing they've helped someone who really needs it.

"A lot of them was saying they don't have socks for winter and they didn't have coats for winter. So, they said it was a blessing to have that," said Kennett resident, Carol Hooks.

Vergie's Place will hold a toy giveaway sometime in December.

If you're interested in donating, call (573) 888-7863.

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