Huckabee Leans on Baptist Background to Gain Ground

JONESBORO, AR - Over the next several months the different candidates working to get the nomination for the Republicans will be trying to find their niche.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee comes with a built in base from his time spent as a Baptist minister.  Huckabee has announced that he will team up with Texas televangelist Kenneth Copeland in hopes of securing the nomination.

Nettleton Baptist Minister Stan Ballard said he thinks this is a good move for the former governor.

"For Governor Huckabee to do that is smart if he wants to be President," said Ballard.

This all goes back to Huckabee's past spent preaching in churches all across Arkansas including Nettleton Baptist Church.

"He is a Baptist minister.  He has preached in Southern Baptist churches in Arkansas, he has been president of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, he obviously can't divorce himself from his background and I don't think he should.  He should embrace his background," said Ballard.

Rodney Harris is the Northeast Arkansas Regional Chairman for the Republican Party.

"I believe it will help him.  I don't believe it will hurt him.  It will help him solidify his base and anytime this early in politics that's what it's all about," said Harris.

Huckabee is currently considered a second tier candidate, but seems to be making some headway and Ballard said he thinks this could help some make up their minds.

"We hope we can vote for someone we can truly embrace whether it be Governor Huckabee or someone else that rises to the top," said Ballard.

Both Ballard and Harris believe this is a positive step for Mike Huckabee, but say it won't change the playing field.

The first primary of the political season is on January 3rd in Iowa.  On February 5th presidential primaries will be held in Missouri and in Arkansas.