Marked Tree Police Investigating String of Arsons

Marked Tree -- "Why would someone do this to somebody? This was a family home, it was a nice home," said Tammy Robinson.

Tammy Robinson and her family sift through the charred remains of their uninsured home on 401 Union Street in Marked Tree.

She got a frantic phone call late Saturday night describing a fiery scene.

On Monday, she saw all that was left.

"We're just thankful that no lives were lost and that's just what's holding us together right now," said Robinson.

"Yes, It is arson.  It's an ongoing investigation. We believe it's all related and the same person is going to be our suspect," said Jeremy Bond.

Bond is a detective with the Marked Tree Police Department.

Tammy Robinson's home marks the third structure to burn on or around Union Street in the last six months.

The two homes and a shed that burned were all vacant and without electricity.

"It could be a fetish or just meanness. The suspect we're looking at now, we haven't developed a motive yet," said Bond.

The suspect's name is not being released.

Detective Bond says it's not clear yet whether or not the suspect even knows the owners of the house that burned on Saturday, but he does go on to say there was a relationship between the suspect and the owners of the house that burned next door a few months back.

Tammy's aunt was in the process of moving out of the home and fortunately was not at home at the time of the fire, but Tammy goes on to say if something like this happens again, the loss could be far worse.

"With this many so close together, there is a problem here and we need to get some justice for it," said Robinson.