State Rules in DeAunta Farrow Case

MARION, AR -- On Tuesday the special prosecuting attorney's investigating the June 22nd shooting death of 12-year-old DeAunta Farrow ruled that there is not sufficient evidence to charge anyone in the West Memphis Police Department with any crime.

"A horrible, horrible thing happened in West Memphis.  A fine young man was shot and another mans life was changed forever," said special prosecuting attorney H.G. Foster.

Everything they looked at is included in an 800 page report, which includes interviews with police, investigators, and other family members.

Sgt Eric Sammis and Officer Jimmy Evans were on a stakeout nearby when they saw Farrow holding what they thought was a gun.

"He had a replica of a Smith and Wesson semi-automatic pistol and it's a very true to life replica," said Foster.

The state investigation was done to determine if the civil rights of Farrow had been violated and in doing that they had to know more about officer protocol in this type of situation.

"Part of our investigation involved getting the policies and procedures from the WMPD, their polices on deadly force, and training policies.  Those are the things that give us the guidance," said Foster.

The wait for this decision is one that's been hard on everyone.  Before the press conference, Special Prosecuting Attorney's H.G. Foster and Jack McQuary met with DeAunta's mother Deborah Farrow.

"We told her something that I'm satisfied in saying, no mother would want to hear from Jack and myself," said Foster.

In fact, Foster said he wants it to be clear that Deaunta was a loved child.

"DeAunta's mother knew where he was.  He was with a family member on the way to another family member's house.  He was in his own neighborhood.  DeAuanta wasn't doing anything wrong and Mrs. Farrow is a good mother," said Foster.

Farrow's attorney J. Bailey said he has three witnesses and other evidence the police haven't reviewed. Until that evidence is presented to the investigating agency, the special prosecutors are standing by their decision.

"If anyone comes forward with legitimate new credible evidence then law enforcement is going to look at it," said Foster.

A civil suit has been filed in this case in Federal Court.  The federal authorities have also ruled in their investigation into this shooting and also say no sufficient evidence was found to file any charges.