Go Green, All The Way To St. Louis - Thayer In Finals

POSTED NOVEMBER 21, 2007   8:30 P.M. CST

THAYER, MO - Thayer High School may not have a big enrollment but they are big on football and school spirit. The Thayer Bobcats are thirteen and zero this season a remarkable record for high school football.

Coach Billy Webber says, "This team has just had a great work ethic, they've done what they have to do, theyv'e paid their dues."

And the hard work has paid off handsomely with the whole region swinging their support for the team.

Kevin Heddin, Thayer High School Principal, "The support that we've gotten, the number of people who travel, the estimated number of people who went to Tipton last week, it's really great, it seemed to have uplifted the school and the community."

Bob Eckman, a parent and one of the play - by - play announcers ,"Bobcat fever is at an all time high, in our community, we're on our way to win at the dome in St. Louis, Missouri.

And the dome he is talking about is the Edward Jones dome , the big show, to senior Kris Frillman, going from grass to astro turf, well to him it's all about the game.

"Well honestly, theres not very many times I actually look up into the crowd I'm usually on the field and gotta pay attention to the ball, and got so much happening I don't really notice the crowd. "

How cool can you possibly get?

Across town sits the Country Cottage Restaurant, a hotbed of Bobcat support. They just aren't fans.

Lifetime Thayer resident Jean Simer calls herself a  "Super duper fan, why, because I love our school, I love our children, I love our grandchildren, I love our community.

Simer says she didn't make all the games this year but she loves her cats and she's going to St. Louis.

"Oh I wouldn't miss it for the world, 5:30 I'll be on that bus,"

Jeans friend and owner of the Country Cottage Goldina Hanstn was so excited over the teams last win , she danced.

"I said if they won I will  jump out on the floor and do an old time jig dance which I can do, and I did it.>

And as for the opponent from Orrick, Missouri, fans say bring it on.

Mike Crase, "Orrick bring your A game, I know Thayers taking their A game, lets go out there and have a good old fashioned slobberknocker and see what happens."

The fan buses leave at five thirty Saturday morning for St. Louis, with the game being played at noon.

And when the Bbobcats win, a lot of folks will be dancing.