Shopping Around On Black Friday

POSTED - NOVEMBER 23, 2007  2:3O P.M. CST

JONESBORO - They call it Black Friday and it's possibly the busiest shopping day of the year.

It was really cold out Friday morning, but to these hardy shoppers at Kohls, a little weather is not going to stand in their way.

Shoppers "since two o-clock. What can you possibly want to get that you would get up that early?" "Earrings, earrings for my little girls."

With a four AM opening, Kohls shoppers were a dedicated bunch as the store employees waited in those last few peaceful seconds.

Over at the Mall at Turtle Creek there were other lines, like Pennys, who also opened at 4.

Circuit City, who waited till 5, and Target, the most civilized opening, at 6.

It was a day of planning to get just what you wanted.

Shoppers, "Yes, we didn't go to sleep, stayed up all night, wrote it all down."

At the mall, Chelsea Smith told me she didn't want to wait till Christmas for her gift, the popular "Guitar Hero" version three.

Smith, "I couldn't wait, it was just sitting there looking at me, I had to play it.>

We finally gave in and followed the crowd inside.

I visited with mall manager Jason Whitley and asked him what to you do extra for Black Friday? "First off, we open the doors earlier, the tenants all open earlier, as typical, we beef up the staff we have extra janitors, extra security, extra police.  Our main focus is this is a safe, clean and pleasant shopping environment for everyone."

Kathy Smith and her neice Shelby had been racking up some serious gift buying. But unlike a lot of shoppers, really didn't have anything specific in mind.

Smith."I don't know that I was after any one certain item I just went to get whatever was there."

Donnie Bloom a kiosk worker was right out in the flow of shoppers and she was lovin it.

Bloom, "Oh I think it's incredible, I mean everyone is out here to get a good deal and trying to find a best buy for their family, so I think its really nice, theres a lot of people out here shopping."

Just in case you didn't get a chance to go shopping today, relax, there are still Thirty One shopping days left till Christmas.