Gun & Knife Show Draws Large Crowds, Offers New Toys For Hunters


Gun and knife aficionados from all across Region 8 came out to the NEA District Fairgrounds Friday night, to experience all that's new in the world of weaponry.

"You see people come here from all walks of life," said booth owner, Gene Branson. "Some people even come a hundred miles to this show."

Nick Harris is showing potential customers an increasingly popular pastime ... shooting airsoft guns, which are basically BB guns.

"You get eight men on a team and you go out and have wargames, just like you do paintball, said Harris. "Difference is, with these, you can get in the game real good with a hundred bucks, whereas with paintball it'll cost you a thousand dollars to play."

For collector Van Harvey of Paragould, the gun and knife show is all about showing off some of his most prized pieces of weaponry and that's exactly what keeps hunters coming back to this show every year.

"I like just walking around and looking at all the new things," said hunter Jim Kemp. "My son walks around with me so I get to explain to him things about hunting."

The Gun & Knife show runs through Sunday at the NEA District Fairgrounds off Stadium Blvd.

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