Veterans Honored By Confederate Group

It's not about politics.  It's not about ideology.  It's about honoring those who served our country.

"We feel it's our duty and it is an honor to honor them and they should never be forgotten." M. Ray Jones III told us.  He is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and also the son of one of the two honored veterans.

Pvt M. Ray Jones Jr. And Pvt John Albert Honnel Sr. were honored throughout the day Saturday for both their service and their heritage.  Both were World War 2 veterans but neither died recently.  The day's event wasn't a funeral service.  It was a commemoration of two patriots.

Danny Honnell, also of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and a son of one of the honored men, told us, "This was a special day...a day I looked forward to but a day I also dreaded too."

The Sons of Confederate Veterans honored the soldiers today.  They're a group of people who all have ancestry tied to soldiers in the Confederate army.  While they're proud of where they come from, they're just as proud of being an American.

"I'm...I'm proud of my Confederate heritage and my southern heritage and all my ancestors all the way back to the Revolutionary War." Jones III said.

And they honor soldiers in the same way.

"Regardless of what soldiers they are, we honor all of our American soldiers...even our Confederate soldiers were Americans." Honnell told us.

And the two soldiers honored on that day were more than just Americans.  They were heroes.

Honnell agreed, saying, "They were warriors from the beginning of time and it was part of their life to serve their community and country."

The Sons of Confederate Veterans usually honor between 8 and 15 fallen soldiers a year.