Huckabee: America Enslaved to Saudi Oil

WASHINGTON - Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee says America has become "enslaved" to oil from Saudi Arabia, muting its response to human rights issues in the Middle East country.

Speaking on CNN's "Late Edition" yesterday, Huckabee decried a recent Saudi court's sentence of six months in jail and 200 lashes for a woman who was gang raped.  Huckabee says Saudis get "filthy, obscenely rich" from American dollars spent at gas pumps.  The former Arkansas governor says that money gets funneled back into madrassas, religous schools he says "trains the terrorists."

Huckabee says he would make the U.S. energy independent within 10 years if elected.  He offered no specifics on how he'd do that.  However, his campaign Web site says he would go to Congress and work on bills to explore "all avenues of alternative energy: nuclear, wind, solar, hydrogen, clean coal, biodiesel and biomass."

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