Holiday Shoppers Beware, Someone Could be Targeting your Gifts

JONESBORO, AR -- And while the mall is doing its part to keep you and your purchases safe there are other things you can do while out shopping and at home.  Detective Gary Shackelford said while there haven't been any vehicles broken into so far this holiday season it's bound to happen.

"We'll have shoppers that are going to be spending large amounts of money on gifts and leaving them in vehicles so we'll see vehicles being broken into," said Shackelford.

Lock your car everywhere you go.  You can put your bags in the trunk, but that doesn't guarantee security.  Officers say the best thing you can do is not leave that temptation there for thieves.

"Take them home or leave someone in the car with the packages.  There are other alternatives rather than leaving several thousand dollars of gifts in a vehicle," said Shackelford.

Once you get the gifts home, there are still things you need to keep in mind.

"If you have a security system in your house it doesn't do any good if it's not turned on.  We see that quite a bit," said Shackelford.

But no security system is going to be able to prevent a thief from seeing what you've got inside especially under the tree in plain view.

"You're advertising what you've got basically.  I wouldn't put it out there for people to see unless you want it to disappear,' said Shackelford.