Nutt Resigns, Region 8 Razorback Fans React

Jonesboro- Houston Nutt's departure from the University of Arkansas comes as a shock to some fans who thought last week's triple overtime victory against number one ranked team LSU would keep him around for awhile.

"I think it's kinda unfortunate that they got rid of Houston after he won an SEC Championship [SEC West Division] last year," said football fan, Kevin Burgy. "It's just ridiculous."

Some fans believe the resignation is a strategic move on the part of Nutt.

"I think this gave him the last hurrah," said football fan, Joel Cox. "He's leaving on a huge high, beating the number one team in the nation and then McFadden being up for a Heismann. All of this is on his watch and I don't think he could pick a better time to leave."

"It's kind of tough when you root for a college team for a long time and you follow them and then they have a coach change," said football fan, Duane Cooper.  "It's a lot of uncertainty."

What are fans thinking about speculation Nutt might sign on to coach Ole Miss?

"Ole Miss is kinda a hated rival, but competition-wise, Ole Miss hasn't been on the same level as Arkansas," said Cox. "Nutt's going to have the same recruiting level there as he's had here."

Region 8 News will continue to track all the latest moves made by Nutt.

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