US Marshall's Arrest Man For Failing to Register as a Sex Offender

JONESBORO, AR -- US Marshalls have arrested a man living in Jonesboro on federal charges after he didn't register here as a sex offender.  29-year-old Alfred Chunn was convicted as a sex offender in Texas and served two years in the Texas Department of Corrections.

It was after he got out of jail and crossed state lines that his story started in Arkansas.  According to the US Marshalls working this case, the suspect had moved into Arkansas as early as 2006 but for the past few months he's been living in Jonesboro.

Now he faces charges under a relatively new law, the Adam Walsh Child Protection Act that holds harsher penalties for sex offenders who fail to register.

Chunn has been living at this apartment complex on Griffin Street near the Nettleton Intermediate School.

Neighbors are stunned.

"That's bad.  Having sex offenders down here around these kids, there's kids little girls up and down this street all the time and that's bad," said Bob Douglas.

Bob Douglas said his daughter and two granddaughter's live here with him, right across the street from where Chunn was living.

Chunn was convicted of indecency with a minor in Texas and served two years at the Texas Department of Corrections, but when he crossed state lines and didn't register as a sex offender, his problems just got started.  Detective Ernest Ward helped with the arrest.

"He is convicted in Texas of a sex crime and was required to register in Texas for the sex crime.  He's aware that he is required to register and has crossed state lines and failed to register there and here," said Ward.

In July of 2006 a new federal law was implemented, the Adam Walsh Child Protection Act and Chunn will be the first person charged under that law in Eastern Arkansas.

In addition to living near neighborhood children, Chunn's apartment is not very far from another place filled with kids.

"It is right here next to a school and little girls walk up and down these streets everyday ma'am everyday," said Douglas.

"He was living very close to a Nettleton Public School.  I believe it's Nettleton Intermediate Center," said Ward.

If you live in the state of Arkansas and are a level three or four sex offender you can't live within 2,000 feet of a school and Chunn lived just two streets down.  However, police say they don't know for sure if Chunn would fit into the level three or four sex offender categories.

"I don't know his level he's never been assessed in the state of Arkansas since he's never registered in the state of Arkansas," said Ward.

Detective Ward said in addition to the federal charges, Chunn could face charges locally for failing to register.

Under the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act the suspect has to meet three criteria to be charged under the act federally.

The person has to be a convicted sex offender, the person has to have committed the federal crime of crossing state lines and not registering as a sex offender, and the person has to know they have to register.