Sexual Predator Caught Living Near School, Parents Concerned For Kids' Safety


Parents are fearful of what could have been after the arrest of a man who shouldn't have been living anywhere near their child's school.

"I mean, it's scary," said concerned parent, Pam Koster. "I see kids walking to and from school a lot so who knows what could have happened."

Pam Koster is one of many parents of children who go to Nettleton Intermediate Center in Jonesboro, who are worried their little ones could have been in harms way after Alfred Chunn was arrested Tuesday on federal charges of failing to register as a sex offender.

Police say Chunn has been in the Jonesboro area for at least a couple of months.

They also say he lived just two streets down from the school.

"My granddaughter is over here and I want her to be safe. I was sexually molested as a child and I don't appreciate not knowing where they are," said concerned parent Sharon Sartin.

Most parents we talked to say they feel a litte more secure Chunn is behind bars but, they still worry there may be others out there.

That's exactly the point Assistant Superintendent of the Nettleton School District, Mike Johnson, wants to make. He says the police and the administration can't do the job of getting sexual predators off the streets without the public's help.

"No matter what street it is in Jonesboro, if you look at a map they're everywhere," said Johnson. "There's no one neighborhood, there's no one part of town that's immune to having folks who are guilty of these crimes living there."

Johnson says unless the sex offender is registered the school district's hands are tied.

Only if the proper registration has taken place, can the school take steps to ensure the safety of students and staff.

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