Where Is The Bono Lake?

BONO - Unless you really knew where to look, you would be hard pressed to find much new evidence of the Bono Lake except for maybe red tape, and I'm not referring to engineers tape.

Robert Hendrix one of the design engineers for the project, " At this point were still doing some investigative work, preliminary work required by the many state and federal agencies, prior to building this lake."

Agencies like the Corp of Engineers, and a cultural study in case any Native Americans lived here and don't forget the wildlife.

Hendrix, "And also the threatened and endangered species investigation so those have to be taken care of before any real movement of dirt or clearing of the land."

Okay, you've got to cross the T's and dot the I's, but when can we go fishing?

Hendrix, "The next thing we'll do is we've contracted with an aerial photography firm to fly the whole site, taking digital photographs determing the contours, the elevation information we need for design purposes." then " the timber removal, so we'll remove all the timber in the area of the dam and below the waterline of the lake."

Hendrix, "following the timber removal, hopefully in the spring the actual design of the dam and other amenities will be prepared."

As far as actual physical progress on the lake, all you can see is some surveyors tape and this path they've carved through the woods, this allows their drilling machines to go in and take those core samples, to determine what kind of base they will need for that all important core structure, the base that will support the dam.

They need a good solid clay base, any kind of sand or other permeable layer at the bottom of the lake where the dam sits, can cause problems.

Across the lake site I found Bill Alumbaugh a Geo Technical Engineer, sampling soils along the ridge.

Alumbaugh, "What were doing is evaluating the soils what's here, can we use them for construction, how deep are they, basically were looking for specific types of soils.

"Predominantly right now we're looking for clay, we need clay to keep the water in the lake, we use the sand, we can get additional strength out of it, and we'll mix these materials together for the most part, to build the major part of that dam. "

So when can we go fishing?

Hendrix, "say at this point, possibly late 2009, early 2010.  We'll just have to be patient."