Salvation Army Bell Ringers Ready For The Holiday Season

Jonesboro -- They are as much a part of the holidays as cold weather and bustling city streets.  It's one of the most recognized sounds of the holiday season.

From dimes to dollars that spare change really adds up.

The Salvation Army Bell Ringers will hopefully collect thousands of dollars in the next few weeks.

"The funds that are collected in the kettles help us to purchase toys for the Angel Tree program.  Plus, the food boxes, which is a big issue for us this year, trying to fill 600 food boxes, said Captain Stephanie Greenham.

Greenham is a Corps Officer at the Salvation Army.

The  food for the hungry and toys for the less fortunate stays local.

Last year, the Salvation Army raised $66,000 in the kettles alone, and while that will provide for,  and feed a lot people--the need is still here even when the holidays aren't.

"Year around the Salvation Army goes on with the work of feeding folks.  Our shelter feeds about 30 to 40 people a night and we're the only emergency shelter in Jonesboro and the winter months are really heavy," said Greenham.

Greenham says while things tend to start off slow when the bell ringers head out for their first ring of the season......

"We've still got 40 angels on the tree and it's the night before distribution," said Greenham.

She says it's through the kindness of others that needs do get met and prayers do get answered.....

"A check will come in or someone will drop off 40 turkeys.  The need gets met," said Greenham.