Christmas Time in Historic Hardy - Tour of Homes

November 29, 2007 Posted at 10:25 a.m. CST

Hardy's Tour of Homes is focusing on more than just pretty houses this year. Four of the five homes on the tour are listed on the National Historic Register of Places.

The McLean home, built in 1898 by George Washington McLean consisted of two large rooms and a small room. After marrying Nannie Jeffrey, they added onto the home and raised six children. An outhouse was in the back along with barnyard animals, an orchard, and a garden. McLean figured Hardy would become a boom town because of the new railroad and wanted to get in on the action. He sold real estate, mostly land at first.

The home is now owned by Willard Bess, the father of Greg Bess, owner of Words Book Store and Afterwords, a coffee shop.

The Thomas Walker home at 201 North Spring St. was constructed in 1925. Thomas worked in several stores in Hardy while his wife Bertha taught private piano lessons. Later the home was sold to several defferent people before Greg Bess and his late wife JaNoel purchased the home in 2005. It's been restored since then and is now the Words Book Store and Afterwords Coffee Shop.

The Sillas Sherrill home was built in 1927-28 by Dolph Hall, a well-known builder in the area. Silas and Blance helped operate the Hardy Mercantile for several years. The home is situated on a very large lot on the corner of 4th and Spring St in Hardy. Conway Horn purchased the home in the late 1960's. The Sherrill home is a two story structure with the bottom floor built of native stone. There has been very little alteration or deterioration to the building in nearly 100 years.

Maragaret Horn Harness, Conway's daughter, now resides in the home. She is a retired teacher and a member of the Hardy Garden Club.

The Shaver home was built by George and Clara Scarborough, Hardy's first druggist. The hose was sold to a number of owners and eventually to Hassie and Ed Shaver in 1937. The home is now owned by Greg Bess and is a bed and breakfast lodge.

The Dolly Bigger Home was built in 1970 for Dolly by her children. They wanted her closer to the Mercantile Store on Main Street where she worked. Th ehome is currently owned by Rhonda and Jerry Messer.

The Tour of Homes is Saturday, December 2nd from 1-4 p.m. in Hardy, AR