Power Team Powers Teens in Region 8

HOXIE, AR -- The PowerTeam is a group of motivational speakers who travel around the country speaking to kids in schools.  They use their strength and what they can do with it to get the attention of the students, and once they have it they can share their real message.

"People are looking for something spectacular and we realized that if we can come in and do some spectacular feats of strength like snapping baseball bats and blowing up hot water bottles or tearing up phone books, we've got young peoples attention," said Power Team Vice President John Kopta.

Thomas Brady is a junior at Hoxie High School who helped out the team.

"I think it's pretty cool that these guys come to do this for us and show us some support," said Brady.

While practicing feats like tearing a phone book in half or bending steel bars wowed the audience of teens, it is not their primary goal.

"We can't tell you what to do we can just tell you what the end results of some of these problems are.  If you make a bad choice it's going to lead to other bad choices," said Kopta.

"Our main focus is to motivate them to go after their goals and dreams and to let them know that life is full of choices," said Power Team Captain Willie Raines.

For students like Brady, this has made an impression.

"There's actually people that care for us and care what we do with our lives and that there's something that we can accomplish if we try hard enough," said Brady.

"High school can be tough for some people more than others and I think the more we have people come and speak to us the easier it might be," said Erica Galbreath.

Some students tell Region 8 News they feel this is a message students needed to hear.

"Already two kids have tugged me on the jacket and said they are going to make some changes in their lives, so that makes it worth it for us," said Kopta.