Meth Houses Down In Poinsett County But The Fight Against Meth Continues

Harrisburg, AR --  I would say that we have seen a 80 percent reduction in local production of Methamphetamines in the last two years," said Poinsett County Sheriff, Larry Mills.

A victory for Poinsett County Sheriff Larry Mills and his deputies who fight to keep Meth off city and county streets.

Mills attributes some of that to restrictions on the amount of Psuedoephedrine that someone can purchase, but just because it may be harder to make that doesn't mean the desire for the drug is gone.

"...But we feel like we can battle it from  maybe a better angle from a much safer angle if we're dealing with folks who are purchasing Meth rather than manufacturing it," said Mills.

Mills recognizes the drugs are still on the streets they may just be getting there in a different the efforts to catch drug dealers are just as intense as they have always been.

Mills says as long as there is a demand there will always be a supply......

For the past several months Mills says the Poinsett County jail has averaged about 65 people.

He says about 70 percent are there because of Meth.

Mills says since restrictions on Psuedoephedrine have been in place the jail population has gone down.

"Now I don't attribute that totally to a reduction in Methamphetamines, but Meth and crime go hand and hand," said Mills.