The Corner of Highland and Caraway Is Getting An Updated Look

Jonesboro, AR -- "I believe we brought 100 million dollars back to the state of Arkansas that was going to Memphis," said Bruce Burrow.

Developer Bruce Burrow and MBC Holdings aren't slowing down now.

They will level what is now Indian Mall and make a 50 million dollar investment in the Shoppes At Caraland.....described as a state of the art, open air, mixed-use, lifestyle center.

"We're going to landscape it.  We try to add art to all of our projects.  We're going to light it. We really want to make a statement. We want it to be the kind of project you wouldn't normally see in a town our size," said Burrow.

While Burrow isn't revealing the tenants at the Shoppes At Caraland he says it will be different than the Mall at Turtle Creek.

The Shoppes At Caraland will have more boutique style operations as well as office space.

They will also re-visit some tenants the Mall At Turtle Creek didn't have the space to accomadate.

".....And so now we're working with those tenants. Will we get them all? Most of them said give us a great venue and we'll come back and look at the market and that's what we're trying to do," said Burrow.

The Shoppes At Caraland will create more than 700 new jobs.

Burrow says it will be at least six months before all of the plans get drawn, but hopes the Shoppes at Caraland will be ready for shoppers by the summer of 2009.