Holiday Spending Or Overspending.

JONESBORO - It's the holiday shopping season and your check book or debit card can get you into big trouble, but it doesn't have too.

Stacy Slaughter, Main Branch Manager for BancorpSouth in Jonesboro told me that, "I think with the holiday season we all have so much going on, sometimes it's real easy to neglect our checking accounts."

Unfortunately neglecting our accounts can cost you overdraft fees, fees that take away from your holiday spending.  One of the easiest ways to control the checking or debit card account is to make sure you write down all your transactions.

Slaughter, " We encourage everyone to write down all of their receipts, when you go to the ATM, write it down in your check register, When you use your debit card, write it down in your check register."

Almost all banks have Internet banking and Slaughter encourages you to take advantage of this on-line system.

So what about next year, what can you do to avoid the financial crunch and still have cash for Christmas?

Over at Liberty Bank, Sheila Adams cued me in on the Christmas Club, a sort of year-long savings account.

Adams,"Christmas clubs tend to pay a higher rate of interest than a regular saving account, it cuts a check in late October and you have that money for Christmas that  you couldn't touch all year long. "

But the best advice anyone can use is if you don't have it, don't spend it.