Recognize Responsibility Before Holiday Pet Adoptions

Jonesboro, AR -- "It's a good idea if you are committed to the pet and you're really ready to have a friend for life and that's our motto," said Bill Kidd.

They are popular holiday gifts but if you're putting a playful puppy or cute kitten under the Christmas tree this year, make sure you're ready for the full time responsibility.

"To come in and adopt an animal as a toy or just for a Christmas present per say--we really try to discourage that," said Bill Kidd.

Northeast Arkansas Humane Society Shelter Director Bill Kidd says adopting these pets is like adopting another member of the family, and you have to make sure the pet is a fit in the family.

Consider things like making sure the dog or cat will have plenty of room to run and play, decide whether the animal will spend most of the time indoors or outdoors, and decide how big of a pet you can handle....making sure you can afford all of it's food and vet bills.

"We want people to adopt these pets realizing that these are their pets and it's going to be with them for life," said Kidd.

While pets can make wonderful companions and great gifts, experts say the bottom line is make sure you're ready.....ready to make a comittment to an animal whose ready to make a commitment to you and your family.

"Absolutely, if you're ready to love on a pet, the pet is ready to love on you back," said Kidd.