Latest in Greene County Jail Sex Scandal

PARAGOULD-Former Greene County Jail Supervisor, William Shaw was arrested for 3rd Degree Sexual Assault of a 309 female inmate.

What this means is that the State Department of Corrections is removing the Act 309 program, which supplies inmates to help provide labor to various county entities.

And sexual misconduct within the Greene County Jail is nothing unheard of.

The arrest of 35-year-old William Shaw makes the third incident in just three years.

The Arkansas Department of Corrections tells us, Shaw admitted having inappropriate contact with a female 309 inmate inside an office at the Greene County Detention Center.

"It's completely unacceptable. It's obviously against the rules. It is also against the law for someone who supervises one of our inmates to have sex with them," said Dina Tyler of the Department of Corrections.

You may recall earlier this year, 22-year-old John David Dupwe was also arrested on an alleged sexual relationship with another 309 female inmate.

Now the Arkansas Department of Corrections is suspending those inmates from Greene County.

"In this case, we had such serious allegations and they involved such inappropriate behavior, that we thought it was in the best interest of the Department and our program to pull them all back in," said Tyler.

That comes as a blow to Greene County, because every 309 inmate equals 15 dollars per inmate per day in funding.

"You are looking at 11,900 dollars a month for the 26 that we had. So just under 20-thousand dollars a month is what it's going to cost us, plus the labor," said County Judge Jesse Dollars.

He says he's disappointed, but hopes things will be taken care of promptly.

"I'm sure the Sheriff is doing everything he can to try and straighten it out and find out where the fault came from," said Dollars.

Meanwhile, we tried to get a statement from Sheriff Dan Langston.

After he would not arrange an interview with us on the phone, we went to the detention center...where we struck out again.

"You have someone that has been arrested from your jail, and we would like to get a comment with you," I said to the Sheriff over a cell phone of one of his employees.

Again we got nowhere.

But comment or not, actions at Langston's jail will keep the 309 inmates away, at least for a few months.

"At this point we have no plans to put them back there, not right now. The program is suspended at least until the investigation is through," said Tyler.

The Arkansas Department of Corrections tells us they took 16 female inmates and another 10 male inmates back over the weekend.

They say Greene County will not be eligible for 309 inmates, at least until after the 309 Oversight Committee meets in February and can review the findings of this investigation.

In 2004, two other 309 inmates in Greene County claimed having sexual relations with community members.

No charges were ever filed in that case.