What's Hot For Christmas Time

POSTED - NOVEMBER 5, 2007   6:30 P.M.   CST

JONESBORO - It's the time of year for gift giving and what is flying off the shelf this year?

With the Christmas shopping season well underway  I wanted to know what are the hot ticket items. First off I headed to Circuit City, looking for electronics.

Carey Somers, assistant store manager,"As far as actual gifts most people have been going for the game systems like the Nintendo Wii has been a popular item, it's been something we can't even keep on the shelf they are gone as soon as they get here."

Just like every other store no Wii's anywhere. Carey says for kids,portable music systems, are hot items.

Somers, "Ipods, portable mp3 players are hot items, I've had several people in here looking at that, of course you can get all kinds of accessories for those as well, a lot of them will do video too, something the kids like."

Digital cameras, video games, laptops, networking for your home and for those guys who refuse to ask directions.

Somers, "Navigation has been a big one, we have several navigation starting around the 199 price range, and up from there, yes that's been very popular this year. They're a great device to have, you'll never be lost again."

Now I needed some bling for the ladies. Talk about bling. At Camden & co. I started out with the John Hardy line.

Pam Hyneman store owner. "Great prices, 195 up, hand made jewelery, from Bali, it's two-tone or silver with diamonds, maybe some color, it's just a well known brand that we count on, it's fabulous."

Now for the rugged outdoor types Gearhead Outfitters is my store of choice and the hot ticket item .

Jason Broadaway, store manager. "The hottest thing is the North Face Denali for women, that is the number one jacket. It's getting where they are pretty difficult to get but we still have several of them coming in and we have a pretty decent selection right now. "

And what about bikes?

Broadaway, "Christmas time, you know Santa Claus is our best customer, so kids bike do pretty well, a few grownups get some bikes for themselves, nice little Christmas gifts for themselves. Kids bikes, specially kids bikes do really well for themselves. "

And just in case you are counting, there are 19 shopping days left until Christmas.