Reward Being Offered In Amanda Tusing Murder Case

Dell, Arkansas -- Amanda Tusing's story is back in the spotlight after a 5,000 dollar reward has been offered by the California Based Carole Sund-Carrington Memorial Reward Foundation.

Tusing's body was found in June of 2000 in big bay ditch near the Lester community in Craighead County.

She was last seen leaving her fiance's Jonesboro apartment for her parent's home in Dell.

Her car was found alongside Highway 18 outside of Monette about three hours after she left Jonesboro.

Amanda's mother is hoping this reward will lead police to her daughter's killer.

"She's always in my mind and she's always in my thoughts, and I'd give anything to put it to rest," said Susan Tusing, Amanda's mother.

Even after seven years, Susan Tusing still has so few answers.

Who would have murdered her 20 year old daughter Amanda, and why?

God works miracles....maybe this person will confess one day. I have to keep that hope. I have to keep that faith going," said Tusing.

Over the years investigators have followed numerous leads, but no one has ever been charged with Amanda's murder.

Susan Tusing hopes this reward will urge anyone with information to come forward helping to close a painful chapter in her life.........

"There's always going to be hole in my heart.  Family get togethers, holidays....she's missing," said Susan Tusing.

Pictures of Mandy, as she is affectionately called by her mother, still brighten the walls.

She says Mandy would always meet you with a smile.....she simply loved life her mom says.

"Holidays and her birthday is tomorrow--so that's really hard," said Susan Tusing.

Susan takes comfort in stories about Mandy--about her kindness to others and her willingness to lend a helping hand.

Now she hopes someone out there will help Mandy.

"I just want Mandy to have the justice she deserves," said Susan Tusing.