Middle Eastern Terror Suspect Loses Appeal Convictions in Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK, AR - A former University of Arkansas graduate student from the Middle East has lost his appeal of five federal convictions of obtaining U.S. citizenship unlawfully.

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Arwah J. Jaber's argument that the U.S. District Court of the Western District of Arkansas was not the proper place for his prosecution.  Jaber said the alleged crimes did not occur in the district or within the time period described in the indictment.

The court also rejected Jaber's argument that the judge should have instructed jurors to consider whether the case should be in another district.

Born in the West Bank, Jaber attended the university at Fayetteville and obtained a doctoral degree in chemistry while awaiting trial.  He was acquitted last year of an aiding-terrorism charge but convicted of obtaining his naturalization unlawfully, making false statements on passport and naturalization applications, and twice using a false Social Security number on credit card applications.

The appeals court said Jaber twice erroneously led immigration officials to believe that he never used another name since becoming a permanent resident in 1996 nor committed a crime for which he was not arrested.

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