Closer Look: Safety in the House of the Lord

COLORADO SPRINGS/JONESBORO-The pastor of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs said Monday, that had it not been for the actions of a volunteer security guard, many more lives would have been lost in Sunday's shootings.

"She rushed towards the scene and encountered an attacker in the hallway...he never got more than 50 feet inside our building," said Pastor Brady Boyd.

It's this very reason that churches across the nation are taking closer looks at their own security.

"We have two armed officers that are here, in uniform, each and every Sunday."

Pastor Archie Mason of Central Baptist Church says even before the Colorado shootings, the safety of his congregation is always on his mind.

"We want the people to come here to feel secure. We don't want them to be frightened. We don't want them to be worried. We want them to feel secure, so they can come and hear the teaching, the preaching of the word of God," said Pastor Mason.

But even security won't always stop the loss of innocent lives.

"You've got the mall shooting in Nebraska. It's the same thing. You just never know where people, unhappy or unhealthy people, are going to do something terrible."

Pastor John Miles of First United Methodist Church says its hard to live in fear of something so unexpected.

"There is no way to protect yourself from somebody who wants to kill people. It's real difficult to do. Fortunately, it doesn't happen all that often," said Pastor Miles.

But it does happen, as we saw in Colorado this weekend, and for that, any extra measures could stop a tragedy before it starts.

"We always say that if there is any situation that is going to develop, we want to try and stop that from developing out on the parking lot if possible," said Pastor Mason.

Local churches say when it comes to security, they need it more for thefts and people like panhandlers entering the buildings, as opposed to the threat of a shooting.

However, most say if they could afford it, they would have a full-time security staff.

Meanwhile, reports from Colorado are now saying its believed the same man was responsible for both the shooting in arvada and in Colorado Springs.

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