Conquering Cancer

What looks like child's play, for Hilary Moore is physical therapy. What looks like arts and crafts, for Hilary is occupational therapy. Five years ago this eleven year olds secure, care-free world began to change. Her mom Monica remembers how it happened. "When she was in kindergarten she started getting really bad headaches. Headaches with vomiting and just not feeling well."

For two years Hilary suffered. Then doctors found a brain tumor. "I can still see those lit up screens with scans of her brain all over the room and I just focused in on that golf ball sized tumor. When he said she has a mass on her brain and we want to send her to Children's Hospital in Little Rock, I literally fell, and I just started praying from that point on."

Hilary says, "Its scary at times. The surgeries. That's my hardest thing"  Hilary has aged beyond her innocence. She's gone through things no child should ever have to endure. Three tumors in the last three years, radiation, chemotherapy that caused massive hearing loss, a stem cell transplant during which a fungus grew in her lungs. Monica says, "They had to remove part of her right lung to get the fungus out. She spent 29 days in icu on a ventalator and that weakened her. Her endurance is just not there. Her walking ability is getting better, but she's very weak just from being asleep for so long.  Its hard to picture her not being in my life anymore. I guess thats where my faith comes in cause I know she'll always be there but its not something I like to think about and I try not to think about it. "When I start feeling like things are getting bad or she's got an MRI coming up which is always a scary thought, I just start to pray and God gives me the peace to get through everything she has to go through."