Immigration Officials Raid Six NWA Restaurants

ROGERS, AR - Federal immigration officials say they've raided six restaurants in northwest Arkansas and arrested 19 suspected illegal immigrants.

According to U.S. Attorney Robert C. Balfe, the Immigration Criminal Apprehension Taskforce executed search warrants yesterday at Acambaro restaurants in Bentonville, Lowell, Rogers and Springdale.

Balfe's office says the restaurants belonged to Acambaro Mexican Restaurants, Inc. and Garcia's Distributor, Inc.  Immigration officials also arrested four operators of the restaurants: 35-year-old Arturo Reyes, Jr., 36-year-old Silvia Reyes, 33-year-old Lucila Huaracha and 33-year-old Armando Reyes.  Balfe says all four are beleived to be illegal immigrants from Mexico.

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