Has traffic near the mall gotten any better in a year?

JONESBORO- As cars go by, and many sit still, motorists voice their concerns.

"I think it's gotten worse. Especially right here in this area."

"It was pretty bad this time last year, but it's definitely probably doubled."

The woes of holiday traffic.

It's a problem that remains a hot topic among motorists, especially those travelling near the Turtle Creek Mall.

"Businesses are good. I mean, Jonesboro needs business, but we've got to do something to the roads. It's getting worse and worse."

So what has the City done about the problem since this time last year?

Since January there has been meeting after meeting to discuss travel time throughout the city.

"There have been some things that we have sit down and talked about, and maybe we can utilize different areas. We may have to acquire some more right away, and those are things we are looking at," said Public Works Director, Erick Woodruff.

He says one of those things discussed, and still being looked at, is a continuous flow intersection that helps traffic stop less by moving turning lanes.

But even this could take years to develop.

He says there are ways to make the traffic near the mall better, but it will require everyone's help.

"If people would utilize the entrances at the front of the mall, there would be a lot less congestion getting out and getting into the mall," said Woodruff.

We're told most folks use the entrance near Chick-Fil-A, often forgetting the three other entrances, including one on the rear side of the mall that's accessible from Nettleton and Matthews.

But motorists say the City needs to do more.

"They could do more. You see them doing other things here in the city, how come they can't make your commute and driving any better?"

Woodruff says the city is now doing what they can, and hopes soon the meetings will turn into real progress.

"We are more aware of the problems. We are getting people in place that understand the problems we need to address. Hopefully we can address these issues and get something resolved," said Woodruff.

He says he hopes in the next six months there will be at least a preliminary plan together to address traffic, and from there things should start changing.

Jonesboro Police tell us that there were seven accidents at intersections surrounding the mall in the month of December last year.

So far this year, there have only been two in December.

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