Town Hall Meeting Held, Some Fear They Could Lose Land

CASH -   Some Cash residents fear if the existing Highway 226 is made a four-lane thoroughfare, it could be built right where their home is.

For others equally affected, it's their farmland that's at stake.

"You got a field that aint plum square, it makes it harder to farm," said farmer Morris Watkins.

That's exactly why farmer Joe Christian is so concerned with one of two proposals, which would take Hwy. 226 around the town rather than straight through it.

Christian says that would basically split the fields he farms in two.

"It's going to cost me a bunch of money to go from one side to the other," he said. "I might have to go three miles to go across the farm."

As Cash residents flooded into city hall Tuesday night they asked questions and many of them were worried their homes or farmland could be in danger.

The state of Arkansas is considering two possible scenarios for a connection linking Hwy. 226 to Hwy. 67.

With one, the existing highway will become four lanes and with the other a bypass could make the drive from Jonesboro to highway 67 faster. On the flip side, it could also take some business out of Cash, according to some residents.

At the informational meeting, attendees were asked to fill out citizen comment forms. Officials say these will be used as data gathering tools to decide which of the two plans will have the most impact.

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