Friends Remember Couple Killed in Car Accident

Weiner, AR -- Dustin and Sarah Kieffer-Carpenter were killed in a car accident around 10'o clock Tuesday night.

They were pronounced dead on the scene after their northbound SUV hit the rear of a tractor-trailor rig on Arkansas 25 near Concord.

"Sarah was such a beautiful young lady and when she talked people would stand up and listen," said Weiner teacher, Alvis Brown.

"Dustin just enjoyed interacting with people and if he could kid around with people he would," said Brown.

Weiner High School teacher Alvis Brown shares fond memories of Dustin and Sarah Kieffer- Carpenter.

Dustin graduated from Weiner in 94, Sarah in 96.

As students, Brown says they were simply a joy to teach, very energetic, and not afraid of a challenge.

"Both of these young people were playing basketball and that says a lot about them to go through that experience, and at the same time work on their grades, and they did work hard on their grades," said Brown.

Brown says one thing that sticks out in his mind about the two is how much they enjoyed life and the interaction with other people......whether it was with teachers and friends in the classroom, or with teammates on the basketball court.

"They were always respectful to me as an instructor and as a person who lives in this community. They were always bubbly and cheerful if they saw me on the street or at a ball game or that sort of thing," said Brown.

Brown says it's that respect they had for everyone, their energy, and love of life that will keep their memories alive......

"It didn't matter if you looked bad or looked good, had a lot of money or had no money at all. They just treated everyone alike and were fun loving and were courteous, kind, and very cheerful with whomever they were with," said Brown.

The couple leaves behind 2 young children.

Josie is 7.

Kieffer, which is Sarah's maiden name, is one.