Some College Students Turning To Pills For Help Studying


According to a study sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more teens are saying "no" to what we typically think of as drugs, like marijuana and cocaine, but what they're saying "yes" to ... prescription pills.

Adderall in particular is increasing in popularity among college students.

It's an amphetamine that's being prescribed to more and more teens and young adults for ADHD but, for some college kids, the drug is used as a study aid or a way to stay up all night and cram for tests.

For ASU freshman and transfer student, Brannah Barrett, Aderall is the study drug of choice for some of her friends.

"They look for people they think might have some and use it to stay up all night and focus," said Barrett.

Some students we talked to say because the drug's a prescription ... taking it seem less risky than taking street drugs like marijuana and cocaine.

"Because it's not made up in some garage somewhere it seems better," said ASU student, David Phiper.

The influence of these prescription meds extends far beyond the college campus and into cyberspace.

Social networking sites like Facebook even have groups dedicated to promoting the abuse of Adderall.

Besides the damaging influence this can have on younger teens and fellow students, involvement in these groups could have other negative repurcussions.

"Future employers could look at this," said Director of ASU's Couseling and Career Center, Dr. Phil Hestand. "More and more we're seeing companies Facebooking."

Counselors advise parents to use the holiday break to talk to their kids about the dangers of Prescription drug abuse.

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