JPD Arrests Teens Suspected In Weekend Armed Robbery

Jonesboro, AR -- Ronnie used to deliver food for Dragon City Chinese Restaurant in Downtown Jonesboro.  He does not want us to use his last name.

"It was about 10:30 Saturday night and it was one of my last deliveries," Ronnie.

"There are two black males standing on the front porch and the driver gets out of the vehicle," "Then the young men stepped out and I could see a reflection of a gun and then basically he said JPD Detective Mike Branscum.just pointed it right at my head," said Ronnie.

"The driver gives him all of the cash that he has and all of his food," said Branscum.

"About that time, I got sucker punched and I watched my glasses fall to the ground and I just started heading back to the car," said Ronnie.

Jonesboro Police believe they have the four teenagers responsible for that robbery on Saturday.

Police say those arrests could lead to even more arrests and more information about a string of armed robberies in Jonesboro.

"Through the interviews that we have done in this most recent arrest, we have evidence that leads us to believe, and that points us towards these teens being involved in the robbery of the Domino's Pizza delivery drivers," said Detective Branscum.

"In fact police say there have been at least three armed robberies involving delivery drivers.

2 involving Domino's drivers, one on Roseclaire the other on Belt and the robbery on Cartwright on Saturday.

Police say they are confident in their case against the teens arrested in connection to the robbery on Saturday.

"We did do interviews with each one of juveniles and their parents and we did get confessions from all of them including the gun holder and so we've got a real good case against these juveniles," said Detective Branscum.

"I could have sworn I heard one of them say something about capping me or whatever they call it," said Ronnie.

As for Ronnie, as you can imagine, he says his delivery days are done.

"I have three kids and I don't want to put myself in that position again," said Ronnie.