Putting Christ Back in Christmas - The City Youth Ministries

JONESBORO - Hundreds of people...dozens of volunteers...and one message:  The word of God

Rennell Woods said, "The message is celebrating this time the real true birth of Christmas through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Christmas is designed to be around Christ because its Christ...C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S...Christmas!"

Rennell Woods is a passionate Christian who believes strongly in the word of God, but he also believes that Christmas shouldn't be just any holiday.  He thinks we should remember to celebrate Christ.

And if you walked into the City Youth Ministries today, you would have seen that kind of celebration: A Christmas party that celebrates much more than the end of the year.   And they're celebrating with prizes, food, fellowship and yes...singing!

But even the singer herself believes that the focus should be on Jesus Christ alone.

"It's all about Jesus Christ.  It's not about gifts even though some people are hung up on gifts and Santa Claus and all that.  It's not about gifts.  It's about Jesus Christ." said Patricia Dobbins.  Dobbins is a minister herself as well as an accomplished singer.

It's that devotion to God that makes parents like Chiquita Wood bring her three kids to City Youth:  A place she doesn't have to think twice about.

"It's a place for them instead of being at home all the time or in the streets.  It's always something positive here that they can learn." Chiquita told us.