Lake City Officials Cracking Down On Speeders

Lake City, AR -- "The first day it was opened was like a speedway," said Lake City Mayor, Billy Anderson.

"People just come through here at whatever speed and it's just not being safe," said Lake City police officer, Steve Chamness.

While many agree a four lane through Lake City was a welcomed adjustment to Highway 18---more lanes don't mean a higher speed limit through the city, and some people are learning that the hard way.

"I asked my police officer a while ago could he give me a number of  people who have been stopped and he said there's been so many people stopped he couldn't even begin to tell you," said Anderson.

The speed limit is 45 mph just before you get into the city, and 40 mph when you get into the heart of the city.

Police say it's not uncommon to pull over people doing 20 plus above the speed limit.

Not paying attention to the speed limit or other drivers could be a deadly combination.

"We have a lot of turn offs and if someone is going 60 miles an hour and someone is wanting to turn off onto the highway it gets very dangerous especially if the person wanting to get on the highway is expecting them to be doing 40," said Chamness.

Mayor Anderson says he doesn't want Lake City to get the reputation of being a speed trap, but says the safety of drivers and children who are bused to and from school are his top priority.

He says that's why he's letting people know officials are policing that area diligently to make sure the speed limit is being enforced and traffic is moving smoothly and safely.

"I think the word is beginning to get around because I can see a difference within the last week or so.  People are beginning to slow down," said Anderson.

"Just because it's a four lane, now they think they can drive faster when in fact if they would just pay attention to the speed limit sign they would know they need to start slowing it down especially when they get into the city," said Chamness.