Holiday Shipping Rush Is On

JONESBORO -  Starting Tuesday, you have 8 more days to cross off the names on your gift-giving list and if you're shipping those gifts, time is running out.

"A lot of stuff gets bought during the Christmas season and the postal service is about the best place to get it out cheaply, fast," said holiday shipper, Sean Morgan.

Cheap and fast. Two words most people want to hear when it comes to shipping off those presents.. hoping to get them under the tree in time for Christmas.

This being the busiest shipping week of the year, you can expect to see some lines.

"I'm just worried about the line I'm in right now," said Vinnie Aguillar. "It's a pretty big line but this is the last one I'm mailing off.

Yes, there's no avoiding the holiday shipping rush.

"We try to keep the lines moving," said Postmaster John Confer. "We slow down when we have people who have to have special treatments, when packages aren't wrapped yet or something like that."

With a little preparation, you can make the process move more quickly, for everyone.

Here are a few holiday shipping suggestions:


-use masking tape or duct tape to seal boxes. These can lack strength and obscure addresses.

-use holiday wrapping paper and don't tie your packages with string, cord or rope. These materials can get stuck in automated sorters,


-use a new box, rather than an old one. They can loose strength over time.

-place each item at least two inches away from the walls of the box to keep them from shifting.

-be sure to get those gifts out as soon as possible because as Christmas nears, that's all the more shipping charges you'll have to pay.

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