Walnut Ridge Community Honors 39th

Walnut Ridge, AR -- One by one, the men and women from the Second Battalion, 153rd Infantry 39 th Brigade, Company A are named, honored, and recognized for their service to our country.

"It's an honor to be recognized by the community. Our unit is based in Walnut Ridge so they have shown a lot of support," said Sgt. Paul Corker.

"We do what we do because of the community, and we really enjoy all of the support.  We've been able to be close to home and to get this kind of support does a lot for the morale of  me and the guys," said PFC Chris Taylor.

A time to acknowledge the sacrifices these soldiers and their families make as they all prepare for a year long deployment for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

"I'm just taking things day by day.  I'm trying to keep busy and take care of the kids, and i'll just be waiting for him to come home," said Sgt. Paul Corker's wife, Summer Corker.

"It's the greatest feeling in the world being able to serve our communities and train so close to home and see our families. It really prepares you, gets you in the right mind set and it really is just great," said PFC Taylor.

A hero's farewell to a group dedicating a part of their lives to their country.

For one year, they will leave their family here at home behind, and unite with another overseas as Operation Iraqi Freedom continues.