City Tries To Put Brakes On Downtown Drivers Who Park Too Long


"There's no parking," said Guido Marongi. "You go through here and there's spaces, then no more."

Ashley Hunter owns her own business downtown. Her store's been open since October. She says that's just enough time for her to see the need for change in the way parking is enforced on Main Street.

"People do not like to park far away and walk a long distance, especially women, in heels to have to go to a shop," she said.

Downtown business owners say it's the charm of boutiques that keep loyal customers coming in but it's the parking situation outside that can prevent them from coming in the door.

Ephiphany store manager, Diny Kregting says she sees it all the time ... people parking their cars and overstaying their welcome in one spot.

"A couple of hours they park. Three or four hours and some people all day long," said Kregting. "So, if they would enforce the two hour parking, then we wouldn't have to park somewhere else."

That's just what the city of Jonesboro is planning to do.  They want to crack down on drivers who don't follow the 2-hour parking limit.

"We're going to ease into the parking enforcement program because it's been a while since it was actually put in place the way it should have been," said Mike Yates, Jonesboro Police Chief.

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