Brookland Fire Department Grows By 2

BROOKLAND - The Brookland Fire District covers nearly 64 square miles of Craighead county.

Fire hydrants out in the rural parts are few and far between so the fire department must generally carry their own water with them.

Brookland added a new tanker/pumper and service truck to their fleet today.

Fire Chief Steve Beck, "We got a 2006 pumper tanker, Rosenbauer Freightliner, and a 2006 Ford service truck, four door with a diesel motor."

This new tanker pumper unit will replace a home made fire truck that was twenty six years old and brings the total units for all of Brookland up to around 12.

Beck, "The service truck will be a second service truck for the district. And the pumper tanker will replace a 26 year old homemade tanker, without a pump."

Both units combined cost about two hundred and twenty thousand. Besides replacing aging equipment the new trucks provide better service and insurance ratings for the area.

Brookland Mayor, Kenneth Jones, "The two new trucks, will give us a lot better service to Brookland and the surrounding area. We're gonna be looking at our fire insurance rating within a year."

Beck says these new trucks will "help us maintain our class six and we're working toward a class five at this time."

The service truck will be used to carry service equipment, rescue equipment and haz-mat spill equipment and will be based with the new tanker at the Brookland City Hall fire station.

It takes about three months to order and receive a new fire truck and Brookland replaces a piece of equipment about every five years.

Brookland has thirty two volunteer firefighters based out of three stations.  They have had 264 runs so far this year.