Warranties and What You Need to Know

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The blender is filled with ingredients for a delicious fruit smoothie, but when "start" is pressed, nothing happens.

"There is no warranty with respect to the following..." and Howell Westbrook names off almost every piece of the blender. "His response to my question of 'What is covered?' was a bit humorous though, "I would imagine just the cord."

He isn't alone.  In the days of mass production, everything you buy could have a simple problem or could totally break.  With that in mind, a warranty is your best option to get the item repaired.

Earlier this year Region 8 News reported on problems with certain video game systems and malfunctions that would simply stop the system from working.

"I have known some of my friends...they'll be playing a game and it'll lock up." says avid gamer, Chris Andrews.

Chris is a gamer who knows the risks and costs associated with a game system breaking.  With video games bigger than ever, chances are you or someone you know has one of them and without a warranty, the last thing you want to see is your $400 investment suddenly die.

"You want that peace of mind that the warranty is going to cover everything that you purchase." Chris added.

Often the best way to get that peace of mind is to ask the retailer about the warranties.  These days almost everything has some kind of warranty, from videogame consoles to watches!  And retailers know what a good warranty means to the customer.

A salesman from The Buckle told us, "Warranties add value to the customer.  Somebody comes in here and buys a watch.  It's adding a little more value.  Any of the internal stuff, the stuff that would mess up due to a manufacturer defect, we'll take care of you."

So when looking at your item's warranty, check for these three things: The duration of the warranty, the parts that are covered by the warranty and anything that may void the warranty. If they don't match up, the warranty may simply be a worthless piece of paper.