Married Toddlers, Stolen Teddy Bears, UFOs Make Headlines Arkansas Headlines in '07

LITTLE ROCK, AR - From the marble halls of the state Capitol to the confines of state prisons, Arkansas did not lack for odd behaviour in 2007.

Legislators led the way, inadvertently passing a law to allow children to marry, debating where to place an apostrophe in the state's name and feuding over the propriety of legislators chewing and spitting tobacco.

They passed a law to encourage grocery stores to provide sanitary wipes for shopping carts, and defeated a measure to recognize American revolutionary Thomas Paine while approving a resolution to honor the man who pushed the first loaf of bread through an automatic cutter.

Thieves stealing bank vaults and teddy bears, police finding alligator heads in a freezer, and UFO believers were not far behind in the headlines.

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