Little Rock Airport Reports Higher Numbers, Smaller Lines on Christmas Eve

LITTLE ROCK, AR - High gas prices and airfares couldn't deter last-minute holiday travelers in Arkansas on Monday.

Little Rock National Airport reported a couple of flight delays, but mostly smooth sailing as travelers flocked to the airport on Christmas Eve.

Airport spokesman Philip Launius says about 118,000 people were expected to travel through the airport during the holiday travel period which began December 17 and ends January 7.  That's an increase of about 7,000 travelers over the same period last year.

Launius says the Transportation Security Administration added additional staff to help with the increased traffic, as did the airport.

The AAA estimates that 65.2 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home during the Christmas and New Year's holiday period, a slight increase over last year's 64.7 million travelers.

Travelers have faced higher gas prices as they hit the roads, with the average price of a gallon of gas at nearly $2.85 in the Little Rock area, compared to $2.22 last year.  In the Fayetteville area, the average price was nearly $2.88, up from $2.20 a year ago.

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