"Twas The Day Before" Shopping

JONESBORO - Twas the day before Christmas and all through the mall, the last minute shoppers were having a ball.

Today is the last day for Christmas shopping and at the Mall at Turtle Creek, many who procrastinate or just forget were out in force.

As the hours count down to Christmas the pace of the last minute shoppers picks up a little bit.

And surprisingly many people aren't done yet

Last minute shopper Danielle Pittman was one, "Oh definitely Keith we've got a few things left on our list."

But she wouldn't tell me who they were shopping for.

"Oh it's a super secret."

So I tried to get it out of the kids.

"What did you get your mom for Christmas, (silence) I think it's a secret. I think so to."

One retailer I talked too said their store had been fairly busy but not really rushed.

Paige Mathis, "Actually not much today but I have seen a lot of people out in the hallways and stuff through the mall. Other than that not that many people have been rushing in."

Shawn Waite and his daughter Megan were in town from Cabot, picking up a few last minute gifts.

Waite, "Last minute trying to get a few little things here or there. Last minute things, shopping for my mom, grandma, grandpa couple little things, last minute type things."

Meagan was faced with the gift shoppers oldest dilemma.

"Well I mean you don't know what other people like you know what you like."

One of the reasons this may be one of the biggest shopping days of the year are signs like this monster sale seventy percent off, fifty percent off, everywhere you go here in the mall, that's what you see. And I think people are out here shopping for bargains.

College student Ryan McCormack was looking for an old fashioned mah-jong game, for himself.

"Most of my Christmas shopping is done for other people. But I just got back from uca a couple of days ago so haven't had a lot of time."

We stopped in at Gearhead to see how it was going, empty spots on racks said how it was going..

Carter Harbuck, salesperson, "Great, it's been great, it's been steady all year, and especially around the holiday. Today has started off kinda slow but picked up around noon as everybody has been getting off for lunch. So it's been good. "

So why do people put off shopping till the last days? the real reasons may forever be a mystery.

Pittman, "could be all the sales, all the great savings, or some of us are a little forgetful.