Returning Those Unwanted Gifts

JONESBORO- The doors of retailers flew back open the day after Christmas to more lines, but this time it was for returns.

"I'm bringing back my daughters house shoes. She got two of the same pair. Santa Clause got her a pair and we got her a pair," said Curtis Adams.

"A DVD player and video cassette player," said Charlotte Booker.

Everybody had their hands full.  Everything from clothes, to electronics, to even a sick baby doll.

"I'm bringing a Baby Love back that did not work, and it had batteries. The batteries worked, but the Baby Love didn't work," said Amanda Sipes.

And it wouldn't be the holidays without a few things just simply not working.

"The door on the DVD player will not open, no matter what I do," said Booker.

So like hundred of others, it was back to the store in hopes of a refund or exchange.

"It worked for about five minutes.. Okay. .... I'd like to exchange it for another one," said one shopper.

Under the customer service sign and among carts full of returns folks waited patiently.

"Is anything wrong with that," asked Kathy Stultz.

As a customer service representative, she has been doing refunds and exchanges for years as part of the Wal-Mart team.

She says it's all just part of the holiday fun.

"This is a lot more hectic. But, you know, that's part of it," said Stultz.

But if getting a refund for that unwanted Christmas gift is on your agenda, she has some good advice.

"Save your receipt, that way if it's marked down you'll get what you paid for it in the beginning," said Stultz.

And for those who might be thinking of taking back something you got elsewhere...

"If it doesn't scan, we can't take it back."

So whether it was your lucky day, or maybe you'll try for another - the day after Christmas is usually a win-win situation.

"I'm going to get a new one, but they didn't have any today. So, I'm just going to put it on my gift card," said Sipes.

The day after Christmas is not only a day of returning and exchanging, it's also the start of another set of shopping for many looking for those after-holiday bargains.

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