Does A New Year Mean It's Time For A New Bank?

Jonesboro- The start of a new year could have you assessing your financial situation and as some banks will tell you, there's no better time than right now to jumpstart some new, positive habits when it comes to your bank account.

"It's so important with the New Year coming on that folks step back and take a look at this and go it's important to take responsibility for my finances," said Joe Williams, Community Bank President of Bancorp South.

These days most banks offer their services online, which can help you keep a daily count of all your transactions, including withdrawals and deposits.

"When it comes to banking today less than 10 percent of customers reconcile their checkbook," said Williams. "I pay 80 percent of my bills on the internet."

With more than 70 bank braches in Jonesboro alone, the choices seem endless.

How do you know which bank is right for you?

"Truth of the matter is you can have a lousy bank with a nice building or a great bank with a lousy building," he said. "Each banker in town has that group of folks that they deal with. They're going to follow the person as much as the bank as long as you're getting good service."

One thing you may want to check out when you're shopping for a new bank ... Are there mechanisms in place that would prevent overdraft charges?

Some banks allow a safety from overdraft charges by taking money out of a savings or credit account, while others can charge you 30 bucks a pop for each time your account goes negative.

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